Surf's Up Chattanooga!
Zap to the FutureOctober 01, 2023x
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Surf's Up Chattanooga!

Welcome back Zap fans! We've had a bit of a long summer break but as we've gotten back into our homeschooling routine, we've been writing and creating more fun, future adventures and can't wait to share more in Season 2.

As you may recall from last episode, the mystery caller reminded Zap of the time tablet’s three rules while on a family camping trip. The mystery caller also mentioned environments change over time. How will Chattanooga, TN look in the year 4196? Keep listening to find out.

If you are listening for the first time, we encourage you to hit pause, head on over to episode 1 and catch up on Zap’s adventure so far. For now, we are launching straight into the story, enjoy Zap to the Future Episode 14, Surf’s up Chattanooga!